Essential Oils For The Home: Feeling Good

Feeling good will be the next Aromatherapy workshop I will hold here at Yola Holistics. I am really excited to do another as I have loved the others I have done so far.
This workshop will be based around using the oils to help you sleep and to help balance and uplift the mind. Mental health is a huge area to cover when it comes to aromatherapy and the oils can be so beneficial for our minds as well as our bodies. In this workshop we will touch on some of the basics of this and discuss methods and oils that can be beneficial for it.
The workshop will run for two hours and together we will make blends using the methods and oils we will discuss during the workshop. I will also have some essential oils for sale on the day. It will be €20 payable on the day, spaces are limited so booking is essential. You can book by getting in contact with me by phone: 0831739870, email:, or PM me on my Facebook page.

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