Aromatherapy Massage

Holistic Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to treat a person mind, body and spirit. The aim is to restore balance within the person, using the oils as a catalyst to do so. The first time you visit me for any of these treatments we will work through an in depth consultation so together we can create a treatment plan perfect for you.


Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

At the beginning of every treatment I will create an aromatic essential oil blend unique to you, every session will be a different blend depending on what you need on the day. The full body massage is an intensely relaxing and peaceful experience. In this treatment I will help iron out your everyday worries and stresses as well as focus on any specific areas that need attention.

1 Hour 30 Minutes


Back, Neck & Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage

In this treatment I will focus on the back, neck, shoulders and scalp. All of these are areas where people commonly hold tension and stress. I will create a unique blend of essential oils that will help combat any concerns or imbalances present that day. It is a focussed massage that is highly relaxing and stress relieving and you will leave feeling loose and relaxed.

45 Minutes


Leg Massage

This treatment is ideal for anyone with tired, restless or tight legs. A leg massage is fantastic for relieving restless leg syndrome as it helps increase the blood flow the whole way to your feet. If you are quite an active person and your legs muscles are starting to tighten up, this would be the perfect treatment to iron out those lumps and bumps. This massage is even effective in assisting the break down of stubborn cellulite.

30 Minutes