Corporate Massage

I am branching out and now Yola Holistics is offering corporate massage! This is such an exciting step for me and I’m hoping for you to. Massage in the workplace is known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, ease tension and the list goes on. Due to these benefits workers productivity has gone up after receiving a treatment and all it takes to see these benefits is as little as a 15 min seated massage per week.

What I’m offering in my corporate massage is to come to your workplace, set up my chair/table and allow your staff to come in one by one to receive a treatment. There are many variations of massage I will bring to your workplace, from 15 min chair massage, 20 minute reflexology to a full Indian head massage. This can be a once off arrangement or we can discuss doing weekly/biweekly/monthly sessions.

To chat about options and what I can do for you and your staff call me on 0831739870 or email me or go to the contact me page and fill out the form. I look forward to hearing from you.