Treatments & Prices

Here at Yola Holistics I provide a variety of  holistic treatments. All of them are deeply relaxing and very healing. Massage is beneficial for all systems of the body, healing, soothing and caring for them in a way that we forget to do in day to day life. I use Essential oils in all of my treatments and in some I will make a blend specific for you at the beginning of our session.

Everybody is different and every day is different, for this reason I aim to tailor each treatment for your immediate requirements as well as any ongoing issues. With each new client I start by doing a one to one consultation so I can get an overall view of who you are and how I can help you. Any of the treatments available can be used to treat specific ailments or are great just as a treat for yourself, or there are gift vouchers available if you are looking to treat someone else.

I am more than happy to discuss your requirements and what treatment will suit you best, if you are unsure  of what treatment would benefit you most please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Holistic Massage 

Massage has been used for thousands of years to promote health, well-being and relaxation. Over 75% of disease is caused by stress, massage aids relaxation and reduces stress, therefore it may be an effective tool to improve health. Massage is stimulating to the bodies systems as a result it improves circulation, rejuvenates and relaxes muscles (preventing spasm and stiffness), aids digestion and promotes cell regeneration.

Holistic Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to treat a person mind, body and spirit. The aim is to restore balance within the person, using the oils as a catalyst to do so. The first time you visit me for any of these treatments we will work through an in depth consultation so together we can create a treatment plan perfect for you.

This is a deeply relaxing treatment which will allow you to completely let go of daily worries and stresses. We will choose one of my pre blended oils depending on what type of treatment you would like. In this treatment you can choose to focus on problem areas or relax into a treatment for your whole body.

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Price €35

Price €50

Price €65

Price €80

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment and has been practiced in India for thousands of years. ‘Ayurveda’ comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘science of life and longevity’. I will use traditional Indian massage techniques but there will also be movements that are specific to Indian Head massage. 

In this treatment I will focus on your upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and head. It is beneficial in treating many stress related symptoms. It is particularly useful if you suffer from tension headaches, sinus congestion, muscles tension, emotional stress and poor sleep patterns.

You will be comfortably seated and covered from the shoulders down throughout these treatments. We will do a consultation before your first treatment to allowing me to make a treatment plan that will suit your needs. Please allow some extra time for this.

30 Minutes

Price €35


Reflexology is the therapy that uses the feet to treat the whole body. I will use the feet as a map of your body and by applying pressure to certain areas it can affect the part of the body to which it corresponds. In each session we treat the feet to promote balance throughout the body and I will address your primary concern.

This treatment combines the powerful and beautifully aromatic effects of the essential oils with the wonderful benefits of reflexology for the whole person. Before your first Reflexology session we will do an in depth consultation. This will allow us to make a treatment plan that will consider your expectations and required outcomes. Please allow some extra time in your first session for this reason.

You will remain clothed throughout the entire treatment as I will only need access to your feet and lower legs. It is a highly relaxing treatment and comfortable clothing is advised.

60 Minutes

Price: €65

Baby & Child Reflexology

This is a wonderful treatment for babies and children of all ages from birth to the teenage years. It is calming and soothing and promotes bonding between parents and babies. With benefits such as relief from colic/reflux/constipation, aiding sleep regulating patterns, relief from growing pains, calming for children with ADHD, helps balance teenage hormones and much much more.

Infants 0-12 months

20 Minutes

Price: €20

Toddlers 1-3 Years

25 Minutes

Price: €25

Children 4-11 Years

30 Minutes

Price: €30

Teens 11-17 Years

45 Minutes

Price: €50

Thai Massage

Here at Yola Holistics we practice the Traditional Wat Po lineage of Thai massage. This is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic treatment which addresses the entire body from the toes up and will take you out of your head completely. You the client will need to wear comfortable clothing such as yoga leggings etc. as treatment consists of pressure points, massage techniques and yoga like stretching.

It is a 90 minute treatment, performed on a mat on the floor and is suitable for all fitness levels, flexibility and body types and over a series of treatments it can really help anyone who wants help to become more flexible.

90 Minutes

Price €80


Facials are now available here at Yola Holistics. These are wonderfully relaxing, gentle and Holistic facials. I am using the intoxicating Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies Products which are just amazing and they compliment the holistic approach wonderfully.

Mini Facial – €40

A 30 minute break from reality. Chose any of the basic facial ranges and allow yourself some you time.

Holistic Facial – €75

A wonderfully relaxing and relieving facial using beautiful Neal’s Yard products that will suit your skin type. This facial includes a gorgeous facial massage that can help relieve symptoms of TMJ, sinus issues and tension headaches.

Luxury Frankincense Intense Facial – €90

Using the wonderful Frankincense Intense Products, this treatment will target the first signs of aging working to visibly smooth and plump fine lines.


If you’re looking for some serious relaxation but you’re not sure what treatment you’d like or you just don’t want to have to choose, the search is over! Here at Yola Holistics I really want to give you the client a real break from reality and transport you out of the daily stresses that life can have. With these packages that is sure to happen. There’s also the bonus of getting a discount for packages.

Mini Massage & Facial€65

60 minutes of bliss that includes a 30 minute massage and a 30 minute facial.

Take A Break – €70

A mini break from reality with a beautiful mini Neal’s Yard facial and 30 minutes of Reflexology to really relax the entire body.

Massage & Facial – €90

A wonderfully relaxing Neal’s Yard facial followed by a blissful 30 minute massage.

Facial & Reflexology – €95

A beautiful and relaxing Neal’s Yard Facial followed by 30 Minutes of Reflexology that will tip you into certain relaxation.

The Works – €120

A head to toe treatment that will cover all the bases. With an intoxicating holistic Neal’s Yard facial, a 30 Minute Reflexology session and finishing up with a 30 minute massage, you’ll be left floating out of my treatment room.


A 20% discount is available for students, over 70’s and low waged, no judgement just mention when booking.